Hydraulic Press Tool ROMAX 3000

Hydraulic Press Tool ROMAX 3000

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Electro-hydraulic press machine for battery and mains operation for the system dependant pressing of fittings up to Ø110 mm* with 32 - 34 kN.

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  • Wand-Like Design allows use in installation shafts and by front wall constructions
  • Rubberised Handle Secure hold even in wet conditions
  • Safety Lock No unintentional opening because a 180o rotation is required
  • 2-Speed Switch Light pressure activates the LED when pressed through the pressing cycle begins
  • LED Display Electronic flat battery detection, electronic counting of press cycles (Notify maintenance interval), further pressings possible
  • Emergency Stop Switch Immediate interruption of the feed and retraction of the piston
  • Powerful motor Fast pressings in approx. 5 seconds
  • Light Weight and Balanced Weight Distribution Fatigue-free and ergonomic use even over long periods of time
  • Press Jaw Fixture can be rotated 270o For easy operation even in confined spaces
  • CFT-Technology (Constant Force - Technology) for constant axial pressing force of 32kN Constant pressing force over 20,000 press cycles


The ROMAX® 3000 is fast, light, handy and safe. It is ideally suited for use at the building site.



A pressing cycle only last approx. 5 seconds. The piston retracts automatically after every finished pressing.


CFT® guarantees the necessary pressing force. The automatic controlled press cycles ensures that the piston retracts to the starting position after the necessary pressing force has been reached.


The extremely low weight, as well as the balanced weight distribution, ensure fatigue-free use even in continuous use.

Reliable & economical

Thank the highest quality service interval of 20,000 pressing cycles. This secures continuous economical use.

Expanded operational temperature range

The ROMAX® 3000 works perfectly even under adverse environmental conditions. Pressing is possible between -10° C and +60° C.

Large range

The standard Li-ion technology allows up to 160 pressings (with 28 mm stainless steel), and/or 90 pressings (with 54 mm stainless steel) with each charge.

Practical design

The compact, wand-like design allows pressings even in confined spaces.

Technical data

Dimensions445 x 125 x 75 mm.
Weightapprox. 3.6 kg (without press jaws).
Piston force/-hub32 kN / 40 mm.
Nominal sizeØ 15 - 50 mm (system dependant).
Press jaw fixture270° rotation.
Power supplyLi-ion battery 18 V / 3 Ah.
Operating temperature-10° C up to +60° C.
PressingsUp to 160 with 28 mm stainless steel Up to 90 with 54 mm stainless steel.

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