Hydraulic Press Tool MAP2L

Hydraulic Press Tool MAP2L

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Flexible and cost –effective thanks to interchangeable klauke Mini pressing jaws. Tool information shown via LED display. Illumination for working safely. High-quality, powerful Makita Li-lon technology for lasting, battery –powered pressing. Compact design for optimum access to the installation Effortless working thanks to low weight and ergonomic design. Easy 1-handed operation.

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  • Time saved when multiple pressing by means an automatic piston return
  • Very high safety factor based on “ Quick stop “function
  • Precise pressing force thanks to HPC pressure monitoring with audible signal
  • Long battery and tool service life thanks to “Auto stop” after the pressing operation
  • Flexible and cost –effective thanks to inter-changeable Klauke Mini pressing jaws
  • Illumination for working safety
  • Compact design for optimum access to the installation
  • Secure grip due to innovative 2-component housing
  • Makita i-press batteries and charges available worldwide

Suitable for

  • Stainless steel, steel max, NS22*(NS28 upon request)
  • Copper, copper alloys max NS28*
  • Multi –layer composite pipe /PEX pipe :max NS32*
  • *These values are system –related , please contact your system supplier for binding information

Technical data

Crimping forceLinear thrusts approx 15 KN
Number of crimps1.5 Ah approx 150 (for NS20 )3.0Ah approx 300 ( for NS20)
Battery capacityHigh-power Makita 1.5 Ah Li-lon battery (3.0Ah optional)
Charging time1.5 Ah15 min 3.0 Ah 22 min
Weight in batteryWithout jaw 1.7 kg inch jaw 23kg
Dimensions377 x 75 x 116 mm
Revolving /rotatableApprox 350* rotation pressing jaw holder
PAL1Battery 18 v/1.5 Ah , Li-lon (27 Wh)
LGL1Quick –charger for 18v Li-lon batteries , 230 v
KKMAP2SRig id Plastic case